Greene Goodness Lemon Blend

 On a whole different level than “Pink Lemonade”…

Do you ever feel like your body just needs a good sweeping from the inside out?  That’s how I feel every time I come back from say a weekend away or even just after a busy week!  Sometimes you just need a fresh start to the day that will set you up for a week of healthy eating. I’m not always starving in the mornings so I like to start off by feeding my body cleansing and nutrient dense foods.  Most mornings we use our juicer to make about 8oz of carrot, cabbage, celery, kale, cucumber, and beet juice, but sometimes, I like something a little different.  Not everyone has a juicer (and if you do it’s probably sitting abandoned on a shelf, acutely aware of the excessive time it demands for cleaning and use), and juicing does not give you the fiber that a blended drink does.  If you’re not one to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits throughout the day, blending may be the way to go.

I’ve blended (in our Vitamix) various vegetables and often they can be too “pulpy” and bitter.  Sure it’s easy to blend a bunch of fruit for a yummy smoothie, but no one needs that much sugar first thing in the morning.  Your goal should be to cleanse the body and provide nutrients that start your day off right and will keep your body from crashing shortly after eating.  Blending makes the vegetables easier to digest and allows for better extraction of vitamins and minerals.
Green vegetables are powerful because they contain chlorophyll which is extremely detoxifying.  Detoxification is not just a “colon cleanse”.  Your body is continually cleansing itself from dietary and environmental toxins through sweat, zits, feces, stench, etc…detoxification is the removal of toxins found in the body.  Poor digestion, eating out, medications, environmental chemicals, and excessive consumption of processed foods (to name a few) can lead to waste products that are absorbed through the digestive tract and into your blood and cells.  Chronically overloading the body with “junk” faster than it can eliminate it will lead to disease, skin problems, and dysfunction.  Therefore it is important to give your body a boost and help it cleanse itself, naturally, with foods.
Replace your morning OJ with a fresh and cleansing drink that will actually benefit your health, not just lead you to believe it does.
For these reasons I came up with the Greene Goodness Lemon Blend, a morning blend that will make you feel great about the day and cleanse you from yesterday’s mistakes.  Unlike “pink lemonade” that is actually just refined sugar/syrup, coloring, and lemon flavors, this is a real lemon-vegetable juice that you actually should drink!  Drinking this does not mean eat whatever you want the day before, wake up, drink your cleanse and all the damage and calories will go away.  It does mean that you can know your body is getting a boost of cleansing power and nutrients that you can feel good about. 

You are what you eat & drink so make them count for health!