Paleo No-Bake Cookies!

No-Bake cookies…let’s face it, these are a classic favorite. If you show up to a party with no-bakes, you are instantly guaranteed to be the most popular person.
If you’re looking for a healthier version of this beloved cookie, look no further!  These are gluten and grain free and made with healthier ingredients. If you’re looking to get refined sugars out of your diet, cleaning up your old favorites is a great place to start.
This modified recipe is based off my recipe from back in the day.  I wouldn’t recommend this as something to pound down all the time, especially if you are trying to lose weight; however, they do provide a “healthier” option than traditional cookies by using less sugar, no grain/gluten, healthy fats, and no artificial or refined ingredients


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  1. I cant wait, tomorrow is my birthday. That is not why i am so excited, i am excited because my mom is making this recipe and bringing them into work for me tomorrow for my bday!!! Then i will b able to work them off at circuit tomorrow night, lol 🙂

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