Fighting the Flu Naturally! Tip #2

Tip Two

Well, we made it to the end of January and no sick bugs in our house yet! (Yeah!).  I will say though that this quasi-spring weather has thrown me for a loop!  I took Libby Dog out for a run yesterday, veering from my typical “Randy” from A Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down” winter-attire and opted for a more comfortable spring-like get-up.
It’s amazing how the nicer weather calls us to the outdoors, and cold temps make me want to do nothing more than curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and do nothing!  But alas, regardless of the temperature outside, it is important to stay active. 
So for my second tip, Don’t be a Bum! or in other terms:

Tip #2: Stay Active, De-stress, and Think Positive!

I know what you’re thinking: I hate the cold, but I do love fire places and warm beverages!  Regardless of the temperature outside your body still needs the benefits of physical activity.  This doesn’t mean you have to start training for a half marathon or hit the gym for a few hours twice a day.  It does mean that you need to find what you love and make time to do it!

Wellness isn’t just about eating well OR exercise OR getting sleep.  It’s about being a well-rounded person.  To maintain health you have to address nutrition, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social wellness, otherwise you’ll feel incomplete!

Physical activity can help boost your immune health and make you a physically-well and well-rounded person.  It increases blood and oxygen flow through your body and is a positive stress that combats all the negative emotions encountered throughout the day.  It also makes you feel accomplished and good about yourself!  And positive energy will make and keep you well!
Our bodies are made to be up and moving around.  In generations past, people had no choice but to work the fields, walk to the markets, and prepare their own foods.  Today, we have lost touch with how our bodies should function within our world.  Physical activity can help fill the gaps in movement caused by the pace of our culture today.


If you anticipate getting sick, not being able to accomplish your goals, think you can’t do something, or stay angry about your current situation, you will never be well!  The mind is a powerful predictor of health.  Change your attitude and it could change your life.  When you find yourself being a negative-nan, recognize it, and turn to see the “bright side”.  You often cannot change the situation you are in or the people you interact with; you can change your response. 

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it…and that’s the truth!

Find what you love and do it!

You may have negative feelings toward exercise because you’ve tried it and you just don’t like it!  Totally understandable, not every type of sport or exercise is for everyone.  You would never find my dad, for example, at a gym pumping it out on the elliptical; but give that man a volleyball and he’s ready to go!
Or for me, I like to take Libby Dog out for jogs and nature walks.  I know she loves it and that gives me greater enjoyment and motivation to get up and go!
Doing things you love also includes hobbies.  It’s important to tap into your PASSION and live it out. 
Each person was created with unique gifts and dreams, so find yours and be you!

Some other great activity options:

Yoga-Relaxing/Stress Reduction; Flexibility, Physical Wellness
Circuit/Group Exercise Classes: Accountability, Social Wellness, Physical Wellness
Play:Just because we’ve “Grown Up” doesn’t mean we should abandon the fun in life.  Play with your pets, your kids, join a sports group with friends.  Whatever you love go do it!
Fun and Active Activities: Skiing, Ice-Skating, Winter-Wonderland Walks, Ballroom Dancing, Sledding, Housework/remodeling/painting/cooking…my personal escape 🙂