Healthy Homemade Nutrition Videos: Feeding Baby for Optimal Growth and Development

Follow me and my food introduction process as I introduce healthy, whole foods to my baby!

The first two years of a child’s life outside the womb are the most important for their physical development and future health. Our culture teaches that children should get special “kid foods”, which are unfortunately laden with sugar, starch, fake ingredients, and void of any nutritional value. We can do better! Chronic disease, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, depression and anxiety, behavioral disorders, and obesity are rampant in our society, and are showing up in children younger and earlier than ever. Nutrition is the foundation to a well-functioning body, and not only feeding our kids well but teaching them what foods to choose is critical to ending the burden of chronic disease. Let’s start prioritizing our health and the health of the next generation!

I focus on whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods to build a healthy body and prevent “picky eating” in children. By feeding children “real foods” they will have stronger and healthier immune systems to keep them well and build a strong body that will function optimally, not just survive.

Infants and children should eat foods the family eats, so it begins with YOU setting a good example and establishing patterns of healthy eating as the norm in your household. Join me as I help teach how to make this happen!