Peaches n’ Cream Ice Cream

One of my favorite things about summer is the delicious and fresh array of fruits!  I get so excited when the berries and peaches start rolling into the markets!  When I was younger I would always go to the farmers market with my Grandma when I visited in the summertime.  There I would help her pick out several quarts of fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and peaches.  She would lay them out for snacking and with the rest bake-up the most delicious fresh berry pies!  Many years later and I still have a deep love for home-grown summer fruits! 

If you’ve never gone fresh berry picking, or purchased farm-fresh fruits I would encourage you to taste the difference.  Even ‘organic’ varieties sold in the grocery pale in comparison.  I recently purchased several quarts of peaches (non-sprayed) from the market.  But what to do with so many peaches?  We cut them up, vacuum-sealed them, and sent them to the freezer so that I can still get my fix this winter.  Why should the joy only be reserved for a small window during the summer? 

Peaches provide Vitamin C and Vitamin A in addition to minerals such as potassium, iron, and zinc.  They, along with many fruits, are a rich source of antioxidant compounds that protect against free-radical cell damage.

I also found it necessary to make a Peaches n’ Cream Ice Cream. That necessity was well received by my taste buds. I’m generally not so much of a fruit-ice cream girl (I go for chocolate, naturally) but I really love this ice cream!

Give it a try for something healthy and fresh this summer!  You can feel good about eating the REAL ingredients!