Roasted Winter Veggies

Vegetables at every meal?!?  Do Potato Hash Browns, “Veggie” chips, and Corn count??


Hmmmm….going to have to go with a
“Sorry, but NO” on that one 😉

These days, cleaver marketing tactics use “full serving of vegetables!” in many processed foods to make you think you’re making a wise food choice, when in reality, ingredients such as potatoes, soy, and corn are counting as vegetables.  While potatoes and corn can provide some nutrition in an unprocessed state, the modified state you’re eating them in is pure starch and depleted of nutrients (not to mention they are highly genetically modified).  Don’t Be Fooled!! 

Before Processed Foods (a time not so long ago…) people had to eat REAL foods and real vegetables…and they didn’t have the chronic disease epidemics we see today.

Roasted Vegetables are one of my favorite side dishes…and not just for dinner! Make a HUGE pan of it and have leftovers to reheat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Who said eating REAL FOOD is hard??

Have you ever stopped to think why the big push to get “5 a day?”
It’s more than the fact that they are low in calories.  Vegetables provide the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly; they also have a powerful detoxifying effect that helps you feel cleansed and energized.  Our bodies are designed to function symbiotically with the foods provided by the Earth.  They also provide Fiber and Energy for your digestive tract.

FIBER: If you are eating multiple servings of vegetables/day, you will have no problem getting the recommended amount of Fiber Servings each day.  Trying to get it from fortified grain-based processed foods (aka Fiber One, Granola Bars, Cereals, etc.) is not going to benefit you in the same way as vegetables!

I challenge you to Start Today!  and commit to eating more vegetables, even in the meals it seems a little awkward to do so.  In reality, you should make vegetables the Base of Your Diet!  Get 7-10 servings/day! (1/2 cup=1 serving, 1 cup leafy vegetable=1 serving).
Don’t let grain foods take the place of vegetables in your diet!