Fish Tacos

What’s for Dinner?

Tonight we are having “Fish Tacos” Yum!  They’re delicious and easy to make.  The recipe may look long because of the seasonings, but it’s very basic and customization to what you like on your tacos!

healthy fish tacos


You are either in one of two boats right now:
Person #1: Yes! I love fish tacos! 
Person #2: OMG that sounds awful!

I will just say to you, Person #2 that you have probably never had fish tacos or have an mental aversion to fish that could potentially be alleviated by this recipe.  I used to be the person that thought fish tacos were weird, even though I love fish!  Then I tried making them and came up with a great seasoning and guacamole dressing to go with it and now it’s a Berger family staple!

This is a great recipe for people who are new to fish or aren’t huge fans.  Fish is full of protein and nutrients and not eaten nearly enough in the American diet. The hardest thing is cooking it, but after this recipe you’ll feel more confident about your fish-frying abilities!  Try to get Wild Caught fish from the U.S. or South America; farm raised fish typically have unnatural (in the best summary word I can find) “crap” fed to them that alters their fat profile. 

You can use whatever veggies you have to add flavor and nutrients.  You can use the lettuce leaves as wraps for the tacos, or put all the ingredients over a bed of lettuce for a great salad.  I recommend making extra for lunch the next day.