4 Facts to Fight the Flu…Naturally!

I try to live each day with the focus of being healthier than the day before,
physically, nutritionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

For example, I just finished a riveting breakfast of freshly made vegetable juice, farm fresh eggs cooked with homemade organic ghee (clarified butter) and red peppers, with a side of home-fermented beets, carrots, and cabbage. Now I’m sipping Organic Green Tea and getting ready to run around outside with Libby Dog. 

All these things have helped me to stay healthy so far this “flu” season; here’s how you too can stave off the bad bugs without bathing in sanitizer every 5 minutes.

Today the “conventional” advice to stay healthy is as follows:

1) Use lots of hand sanitizer 
2) Spray everything down with Lysol and kill all the germs that could be lurking
3) Get a flu shot!

No fault to anyone that takes any of these preventative measures.  BUT…do you ever wonder why, despite a desperate attempt to conquer the “sick germs”, they always manage to win over your immune system and you still have to use sick days a few times each year?

Here’s the answer: 
Bacteria and germs are EVERYWHERE!  If your best strategy is to avoid and kill every germ in your path then you better get a new game-plan because they are already living both on your insides and out!
Build a Better Immune System!!
If you want to give your body a fighting chance, than you have to prepare it for battle.  If you work for it, it will work for you!
Stay tuned this week for my 4 Best Tips to Fighting the FLU with immune building recipes to go with them!  This year, let your body fight the flu bugs for you so you can experience health the entire season!